Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes, the things you love don't love you back.

In my case, band saws.  Really, this is more a treatise on how no one is so smart they don't need to pay attention to safety, because I could easily have lost part or all of my thumb today if it weren't for shear* dumb luck.  The band saw is something akin to the platonic ideal of saws.  It is of industry.  This one is made to cut through hardened steel, and it will probably hit bone faster than nerve conduction velocity.  As it is, I felt the air blower that keeps the immediate work area clear on my thumb.  Further testing revealed that this is only possible within an inch of the blade.

Fingers are an interesting case as far as stuff getting chopped off.  They are completely controlled through tendons, ligaments, sinews, and all that other stuff I'd know about if I was a medical major of any sort.  No muscles in them.  To my mind, this should mean that they'd be easy as pie to make working prostheses for.  And, geek that I am, those would immediately need to be modded.  Current best ideas are a lighter, a laser pointer, or a thumb drive *rimshot*.  Comments suggesting other stuff to put in a prosthetic thumb or finger are on topic and probably hilariously awesome.

*I'm torn between not pointing out the joke and not having people tell me I did it wrong.


  1. you are fabulous. all of the puns made my day, as well as your idiosyncratic "must mod prosthesis!" :D

    still, I'm very glad you didn't chop your finger off. x_x

  2. Well, I do have a burning desire to be a cyborg. Something out of Ghost in the Shell would be great. But that means I should probably wait on losing parts until they've got really badass replacements available. Last thing I want is to get locked into a shitty upgrade path.